Slimbook Executive, long-term usage report 4

Updated: June 11, 2024

Let's talk about my Slimbook Executive, shall we. 'Tis a productivity laptop I purchased about a year back, as a replacement for my older Pro2 machine, also from the same vendor. The former system had been in pretty heavy use for about five years, and I foresee a long future ahead, now that I've replaced its battery. Over the years, I wrote no less than fourteen periodic, long-term usage reports detailing everyday use, problems, niggles, and the good side of using Linux as your primary system for real-life needs.

In the past year, I continued the long-term usage tradition of reports with the Executive. There have been three reports thus far, and they show a pretty consistent trend. This is a solid laptop. It's stable, robust and fun. The ergonomics are excellent, from the case via its delightful, color-rich screen to its sturdy, well-spaced keyboard. Kubuntu 22.04, chosen as the operating system, also behaves, delivering pretty good results. Well, it's time for another lil' review. Let's see what's happened since.


All is (still) boring on the Dedo front

Boring is good, boring is reliable. If you expected a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions, look elsewhere. I must say the Executive continues its predictably nice behavior. The daily routine remains nice 'n' steady. Occasional updates, and they be fast. Browsing and media, swell. I have no issues with the peripherals - other than what I've reported before, and that's having to close Dolphin and re-open it if I want to be able to access Android phone contents (after connecting the device via USB). Remains unfixed.

Some (very) small issues

I wanted to do some work with an exFAT-formatted external disk. The partition manager informed me that the system is missing the necessary support tools, and therefore, it could only mount the device read-only. Easily fixed, though.


I would also occasionally update some virtual machines running in VirtualBox on top of the Kubuntu host system. For whatever reason, the guest would sometimes lose its display resolution and revert to a default setting. Typically, it's 800x600 or 1024x768px, but I've also seen some super odd corner-case scenarios, where you don't have enough screen to even try to manually resize the display. Reboots usually help, though. This seems to happen after running updates (in the guest operating system).

VirtualBox, display, resolution

Battery life

Seems to hold steady. Sometimes, Plasma "overestimates" the remaining time, resulting in some rather lulzy numbers. But in general, the machine can manage its 6-7 hours of light workloads. One thing I noticed recently is that sometimes the case would get a bit hot when charging. This used to be the case early on, stopped being an issue (so to speak) after a while, and more recently, I'm seeing the phenomenon again. Not sure if this is the result of ambient temperature or some internal algorithms the battery driver uses. I don't know if this actually poses any long-term problem. Given the fact the battery behaves just like early on, it seems fine.

Battery, funny time

Battery life

I don't know why the battery applet sometimes shows flush with the right corner, and sometimes not ...

Other than that ...

Groovy babe. I'm having fun. This is a really cool machine. I still haven't gotten casual over its look and feel. Every time I fiddle with the machine, or log in, and see the beautiful Plasma desktop and my carefully selected assortment of rotating wallpapers, there is joy in me heart. That's a pretty good sign.

Using the laptop


I am extremely pleased with the machine. It keeps being fun and sweet, stable and precise. It's the perfect combo of good hardware, excellent operating system, and nice packaging. I mean, what more could you ask for. Whenever I get too euphoric, I check myself. Similarly, when despondence hits, I look at other operating systems that I have, their random errors and problems, their issues with updates, and I ever so slightly moderate my perspective. This Executive is a nice, nice box.

Is there anything else worth adding to this long-term review? As an aside, I'm wondering whether to upgrade to Kubuntu 24.04. Of course, no rash decision, and surely not in the near future, at least not until the .2 release or so. I only spent a brief time testing the distro, and the initial feel was a bit meh. So far, Kubuntu 22.04 delivers superb results on this machine, and largely, I see no reason to replace it. Well, if you're mulling a Linux productivity laptop, I would highly recommend the Slimbook Executive. It delivers results and elicits nice emotions, even a year later. See you around.