Terminator comes to fix your Terminal!

Updated: June 3, 2009

This is the third (or maybe fourth) article on how to improve, decorate, beautify, and enliven your Linux command line. We've had a tutorial explaining how to change your terminal profile and make it more exciting and appealing. Then we had FPS-style drop-down consoles, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently like a gamer.

Now, we have Terminator, another powerful tool aimed at making your terminals look better and help you work faster.


Terminator at work - As deadly as Arnold

Terminator is included in most repositories of popular distros, so the installation is a simple thing. The first time you start it, you may feel a little confused, because it looks like the classic terminal. The only visible difference is the name in the window title bar.


However, right-click anywhere inside the Terminator window and the fun begins. You have the option of opening new tabs or splitting existing ones either horizontally or vertically or both.


Terminator will retain its shape, allowing to view multiple panes within the single window, improving visibility and accessibility and thus, directly impacting your productivity.

Split vertically

Split horizontally

You can also open entire new tabs and then split those, too. And if the terminals becomes too small and cluttered, you can zoom into each one individually - and unzoom in the same fashion.


And here's a big example:



Terminator won't cure Ebola, but it will definitely make your command-line work faster and more pleasant. You won't have to waste time trying to remember what command you executed in which window/tab and waste time shuffling between them. With Terminator, you can keep it all in one view, nice and tidy.


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