ArmA II - The nostalgia pack

Updated: May 25, 2012

Are you missing the good ole days of Operation Flashpoint? I know I am. Well, not really missing, as I have both the standalone GOTY and the version 1.99 included in the Steam Anniversary Edition, but it's more like you wish every game had the same zeal, same pace and same missions. Even the successor.

In ArmA II, you get a plate full of delightful, fierce content, but some of the missions just fall short of your expectations. Because you are used to partying hard in Operation Flashpoint, with almost legendary titles like Oil War, Desert Ambush, War Cry, Lost Squad, and others. There are no missions that good in ArmA II, fact. So what if someone told you that there's a sort of a nostalgia pack out there, with all these goodies, waiting for you?


Introducing Cold War Crisis Classics pack!

You need to go to, a mega site for ArmA II content. And then, you want the Cold War Crisis Classics pack, which comes with 32 Operation Flashpoint missions, adapted to ArmA II. Instead of fighting in Malden, Eden and Nogova, you fight in Takistan, either as US Army, Delta Force, Czech Army, German KSK, British Army, or ION specialists, AKA funny guys in funny uniforms. This gives you a total of 100 unique scenarios. All of that weighs just 9MB. Awesomeness reincarnate!

What you need to do is unpack the ZIP archive into the game Missions directory, and then copy files specifically labeled as multiplayer into the MPMissions directory. If you don't know which ones are those, it's all written nicely in the README file. Here's an example for you, the way it looks on my box:

Directory contents

Rock & Roll time:

Playing 1

Playing 2

Playing 3

Playing 4

And here's the great Oil war mission:


Oil War

And the super-difficult Lost Squad:

Lost Squad


ArmA II is a good game, but not as good as Operation Flashpoint. And now, it just got tad better. Perhaps one day, it might encompass all the fuzzy glory and goodness of the original, especially if and when they start adding massive Cold War style missions, with tons of tanks and artillery. Still, with the Cold War Crisis Classics pack, you're that closer to this dream.

I am quite pleased with this new addition to my gaming arsenal. In a way, you're able to enjoy some of the hardcore action of the past, wrapped in fresh new graphics and effects. Some would say the best of both worlds. Indeed, for Operation Flashpoint fans, this mission pack is a must. Have fun. I say again!


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