Games resurrected using DOSBox - Part 2

Updated: July 24, 2007

This article is a sequel. You might want to read the first part ... first.

Note: For best effect when playing CPU-intensive games, like First Person Shooters, it is advisable to increase the number of CPU cycles used by DOSBox (Ctrl + F12). The default is 3,000 cycles; I would recommend 12,000-15,000 for smooth gameplay. However, be aware that the best performance you will get ultimately depends on your hardware. Going for too many CPU cycles will eventually cause a slow-down.

1942: Pacific Air War

1942: Pacific Air WarGenre: Simulation
Compatibility with DOSBox: Sound stutters

1942 is one of the most complete and realistic simulators I have played - and still play today, 13 years since it was released. The game allows you to play as both American or Japanese pilot, flying a variety of fighters and bombers on a range of deadly and hard missions all across the Pacific. And there are carrier battles on a strategic map, too.

Except for the sound, the experience on DOSBox is perfect. A full review is coming soon. Stay tuned.

F-16: Combat Pilot

F-16: Combat PilotGenre: Simulation
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

It is hard to believe that one of the most realistc simulators was made in 1989 and packed into 500KB of fun. F-16: Combat Pilot is that simulator. Forget about external view or accelerated time. Forget about shooting down a plane with the gun. Forget about auto-pilot or other fancy stuff. This simulator is raw, cruel fun for the most dedicated hard-core gamers.

I have also had the EGA version - blasting in 16 colors - but forever lost the manual...

Golden Axe

Golden AxeGenre: Action/Arcade
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

Golden Axe is a pretty straightforward game. You play as either a bulky warrior, a scantly-clad heroine or a midget against tons of enemies in a side-scrolling continuum of fun. Sometimes, you cast spells too. But mainly, it's all chop chop chop.

Although extremely simple and linear, Golden Axe is quite captivating; a perfect stress release for people with quick fingers.


LieroGenre: Platform
Compatibility with DOSBox: OK, very CPU intensive

Liero is a real-time Worms-like game where a player can fight against bots or a second person, using the same keyboard. The screen is bisected, allowing each player a unique view of half the map.

Maps in the game are almost completely destructive, and with rich arsenals of crazy weapons, duels can quickly turn into a mayhem of floating mines, missiles or nukes. A must for bored young academics in a computer farm.

M1 Tank Platoon

M1 Tank PlatoonGenre: Simulation/Tactical
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

M1 Tank Platoon is aptly named. You can take control of any of the four tanks in the platoon at any time. But you can also command friendly support units like IFVs, helicopters or artillery using a tactical map of the combat theater.

Like all MicroProse games, M1 is very realistic, impossible to play at the hardest level, rich with tiny details that make the difference, and wrapped in a solid plot/campaign that makes it lovingly replayable.


WarcraftGenre: Strategy
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

This is one of the first true strategies. You have to build a settlement, train troops, harvest resources like gold and timber, explore the map, and fight the opposite side. The key to success is balance.

Warcraft features two factions: humans and orcs - each with its unique units, including some very cool magic spells and demons.

There's LAN, too. And it's a whole load of fun.

Warcraft 2

Warcraft 2Genre: Strategy
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

Warcraft 2 is a great sequel to a great game. It introduces the right mouse click into the game, making the management much smoother. Opposing human and orc units are no longer equal and balanced in every aspect, making the combat asymmetric and forcing the player to think of different strategies for victory for the two factions.

Warcraft 2 also has marine and air units, which makes an already fantastic and compelling game into a true classic.


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