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Updated: December 24, 2010

Ah, you've seen a thousand articles this one. A catchy title, lots of links to most popular Youtube movies out there, recycled unto death. But maybe I can do a little better and give you a handful of really great video clips that you won't easily find in all those other bombastic compilations? No Star Wars fat kids, no ninja cats, something new, fresh and original.

Compiling the list wasn't easy for two reasons. One, because finding really unique, interesting and/or funny Youtube videos is not really simple. Like anything else on the Web, 99% of it all is utter garbage. Two, even if you do find watchable content, not all of it can be shared. Best means more than just a chuckle. Best means molesting all your co-workers and forcing them to stop doing whatever they are doing and stand by as they watch the video while you wait for their reaction. Best means actually bookmarking a video, which is as rare as mango in Novaya Zemlya. Best means the time you have invested has been repaid, handsomely.

So here you go.

Elephant Ruby painting


This video is amazing for several reasons. First, it's extremely emotional and touching. Unlike the staggering amount of Jackass-style diarrhea you normally see, this video shows something simple, beautiful and constructive. Second, it's an elephant painting. You do understand that?

Painting oneself indicates self-consciousness and intelligence and sheds a different kind of light on humanity. And even though the elephant is being aided by a guide, even though she may be merely redrawing images she has seen earlier, it's still more than the vast majority of mouth breathers on this planet are capable of. Just think how many people have the desire or the skill to pick up a brush and paint something? How many of you have ever drawn a painting? Just think about it.

If you're a guy, don't be ashamed if you shed a tear watching this; it's allowed.

Worst Wedding DJ Ever!

Text first, because it's too precious to watch without a short intro. Not too many people have seen this, which makes it all the classier. Hint: What's the most appropriate thing to do while listening to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins? The answer is drum on some mammary glands, naturally.

Watch carefully, I don't want to spoil the surprise!


BigDog robot

BigDog is a dynamically stable quadruped robot created by Boston Dynamics as a proof of concept for a robotic pack mule that would accompany soldiers in terrains too rough for conventional vehicles. Rather than using wheels or tracks, it uses four thin, seemingly ungainly legs that look like a crossover between goat and camel. End result, impressive grip on any terrain, no matter what. In fact, it looks uncanny. Imagine a goat without a head dancing on ice. Exactly. You must watch to appreciate the eerie genius of this invention. The only downside is its loud petrol engine, but that should be solved easily.

Anyhow, take a look. Like I said, uncanny:


If you liked this, then you should watch BigDog Beta testing!


Liam Kyle - Shoes!

If you don't know who Liam Kyle is, you're missing an important segment of culture. The funniest piece he's ever made must be his Shoes album with Kelly. Trying to explain the content would be difficult. Kind of, what do you get when you blend a disturbingly un-feminine Liam dressed as a girl with 80s neon pop and gypsy caravans? Indeed, best watched.


David After Dentist

I had to do it, one of the mass-spam classic. I am not normally fond of kids and despise their would-be cute, uncoordinated theatrics, but this parent seems to have nailed it, both in not having a too failed genetic offspring, as well as filming a very decent production, even if it may not have been intended. Oh, if you love the movie because of the child, you're missing the point. Still, it's quite funny.


Now, a funny spinoff:

The David After Dentist remix

Yozhek v tumane (Hedgehog in the fog, Russian, English subs)

You don't need to understand the words to appreciate this clip. It's the best stoners' video ever made. Jimmy Hendrix has nothing on this. A little hedgehog gets lots in the fog. As simple as that. Add dramatic classic music, Soviet visual art and voices that sound like the birth of a Satan, and you get a perfect LSD-induced experience.

I really can't say what the motivation for this production was - or the enormity of the subliminal and anti-political, but it surpasses the grimoire of Brothers Grimm. I shudder at the thought that Russian kids watched this as yet another innocent cartoon. But it surely is the best hallucinogenic animation made, under the pretext of child entertainment. Scratch Disney's fluffy colors, this is pure hardcore. Whoever made this is an absolute genius.


Blazin Hazen

If you don't know who Denny Blaze is, turn your computer off now. Denny Blaze is probably the best rapper in the world. Long before 2Pac, long before Eminem, Denny Blaze made himself a future legend by producing several home-made videos of such bad quality and choreography that they buffer-overflowed right into the realm of total genius. MTV ridiculed him back then, but this kind of stuff could not be kept buried forever. Seventeen years after making his work, it resurfaced and caught the world in a firestorm.

Your first reaction to watching one of his clips might be: WTF, in street parlance. But if you think more carefully, you'll realize that Denny was way, way ahead of his time, way ahead of our own time even. Few people can truly understand the quality of his work. Blazin Hazen is a great, catchy musical piece, with smart lyrics and retro-80s effects that blow your mind. Give it a whirl, you'll be addicted.


You must also watch the original Average Homeboy, which made him so popular.

Developers Developers

You use Microsoft Windows, right? Tell me how you feel about your operating system after watching Steve

Ballmer deliver his out-of-breath evangelistic piece on software development. Now, that's dedication. Truly a moment to cherish and tell your grandparents, in case you decide to procreate. Anyhow, now you know why beating code monkeys is a justified social activity.


On that happy yet frightening note, me list endeth here.


There you go. To the best of my knowledge, only one of these, the Dentist clip, features on all kinds of top 100 lists and such, which makes me proud of my choices. Now any random guy on the web could chose his collection of videos and write an article such as this. But that's not the point. The point is that like everything else on Dedoimedo, my short list is unique and tremendously funny.

I guess that would be all. A not so important moment of humor. If you've got any classy videos to share, feel free to send a link. Notice, anything showing emo kids with skateboards or melodramatic sexually insecure teenagers hurting themselves does not constitute as anything other than pure feces. And while we're talking of absolute quality, you sure do want to check Maddox's Youtube channel and his latest show. Brilliant.


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