Corporal Punishment

Updated: April 9, 2011

If you thought my pun articles were restricted to the Computers section only, you're mistaken, dear fellas. What more, the term corporal punishment is bound to invoke some sentiments with the readers, which should make them flock hither and explore the contents of this article.

Do not be disappointed if the topic strays from the traditional discussion of corporal punishment, which is boring, and has been discussed before, at least the hygienic implications thereof. We'd like to elevate the meaning of pun to a whole new level and see what gives when you combines words corporal and punishment into a single phrase.


Corporal punishment - Who does what

Corporal is a military rank. Hence, corporal punishment could imply a corporal punishing or being punished. Although you could spell it corporal's punishment, which might shed extra light on the implied meaning, we are still dealing with a soldier and his punishment, whether given or taken.


Moreover, if you slightly misspell the first word, then corporal becomes corporeal, which means in the nature of the physical body. Hence, the punishment is limited to a physical one, and it definitely excludes the army rank, in this case. In other words, if you intend to punish someone by forcing them to watch an episode of reality TV, then that's not the case here.

An image that would represent this jumble of thoughts - nothing epitomizes the classic Charles Dickens school of thought like a British school boy, only in this case, the boy could be your father. But you get the idea. Well, at least you can appreciate the British sense of self-humor.

Corporeal punishment

So, to sum it up, the magic of pun leaves us with three options, two involving soldierly acts of punishment and one physical. I like the first one better. So corporal punishment it is, that of a corporal. Right. Let's wrap this one up, it's becoming oligophrenic.


This is a stupid article, I know. Very droll. But you need those sometimes. Some of you will hate me, some of you will chuckle with sub-genius glee at the sheer paronomasia of this piece. Anyhow, I hope you've enjoyed another stellar and insightful pun article from Dedoimedo's forges of humor.

P.S. The soldier's rank image, the elderly school boy image and the corporal rank thumbnail on the index page are all available in the public domain.


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