What's with kids today?

Updated: June 29, 2006

If you pay close attention, you will notice that kids today are fatter than we used to be, a whole lot fatter in fact, more brazen than we used to be, and completely incapable of minimal social skills like conversation. Why is that?

Well, truth to be told, people have changed little in the last few thousands of years. What has really changed is the environment, which reveals certain traits and characteristics of our personalities. The percentage of cretins has probably remained much the same like 20 or 30 years ago, it's just that today, they are so much more visible.

Let me give you an accurate analysis of the situation

Most of today's parents were kids themselves in the 70s and 80s. In that olden age, household technology was pretty much limited to radio and TV. For proper entertainment, you really had to break out a sweat. You had to make an effort to fulfill your time with interest. As kids, we were given a very limited choice of options. Most of them had to do with outside. We had to leave the premises of the home and go out actively seeking for something to do.

This curious twist of fate forced us to socialize with other kids in the neighborhood. It forced us to develop street smarts that were necessary to survive the childhood. We were forced to use our brains to create fun. And oftentimes, since this fun usually bordered on minor delinquency, we also had to develop strong muscles in order to be able to escape the raging neighbor's dog, or his airsoft gun, or the lash of his belt. We spent our time breathing the fine polluted city air, we play lots of ball sports, we made pranks, we beat each other - we built our characters. We grew up. And today, some of us are blessed (or cursed) to be parents. And it's one tough bitch of a job. It's a 24/7. We don't like it. We want those sniveling brats off our backs. We need to get rid of them somehow.

The answer - give them toys to play with

When you think of it, our parents also wanted a quiet moment at home. So they sent us outside to play with other kids. Today, in order to get the ticks of their backs, parents send them to their room, where a PC provides all the attention and entertainment that one needs.

In our times, even if we wanted to play computer games. we could not, there weren't any. Even if we wanted to deep-fry our balls by carrying a mobile phone in a side pocket of our jeans, we could not, there weren't any. All we had was a football. And the wicked, satanic innovativeness of a child.

Today, forget all that. You don't have to do anything to be entertained. Today, entertainment is being served in heaploads. All you have to do is laze down and watch some kind of monitor for intellectual stimulus. The consequences of the technological boost that has happened in the last 20 years are:

Parents have found an easy way of dodging their true duties; they have been replaced by online pedos and lobotomy-flavored reality shows.

Kids can have the same amount of fun we had just by sitting in a chair and growing hemorrhoids. Social skills are no longer needed. Kids communicate with each other using mobile phones or computers and have no need to actually see or feel the person they converse with. This allows them to neglect any sort of normal conduct expected in a communication between people. This allows them to dull their verbal skills. This allows them to lose manners, because it's so much easier to get biatchy to a PC monitor than you could do it in person.

In our times, you had to be careful whom you were speaking to and in what manner, because there was always a tiny chance that the other guy was stronger, meaner or had more friends, and you could end up eating grass just for looking at him (or her) in a wrong way. The lack of physical contact / communication makes today's kids tenfold insolent than we used to be. And the lack of sensation of possible consequences (punishment) only enhances this attitude.

Kids have become fat. It's a simple fact. If your body needs 5 hours of exercise a day and you spend those 5 hours sitting, you're most likely to become overweight. Our genetics have not yet caught up with the fact that we live in a world where our bodies are over-equipped for most of our daily tasks. Until that day comes, 30 or 40 generations away, we will suffer from the lack of physical activity. In our childhood, being fat was almost a curse. And you had to be talented to get fat. Today, it's has become a norm. Just look around you. How many girls already suffer from cellulites even in their early teenage years? It's sickening. It's unhealthy.

But there's an even darker side to it, too.

The media

People in the media want to make money. That's their primary goal. In the 70s and 80s, exposure to media was somewhat limited, and it was Stone Age compared to what you have today. If you were exposed to 5 minutes of media a day in early 80s, today you are brainwashed with at least 5 hours of it. This means that so many more people are so much more influenced by what is broadcast. Andd what's the best way to make money? Stupid people.

Stupid people make out the majority of humanity. That's one of the reasons why our planet sucks so much. Stupid people. They are the core of human life. So, the smart media guys have come with a nice little formula:

Stupid people are easily influenced --->
We can make money off stupid people --->
Increase number of stupid people --->
Increase profits!

That is why TV shows, especially those aimed at kids, are getting shallower and dumber. It's deliberate. They want to make as many stupid people as possible, in order to exploit them. Stupid people will listen to what they're being told. They will spend money. It's so much easier being stupid than trying to grow a bit of brain. It's so much easier to be a member of a senseless crowd than be a thinking, independent individual.

And of course, one of the things that sells the most is sex. That's why the pants are getting lower, the shirts are getting flimsier, and more and more raunchy characters are becoming icons for your average kid today. Because our primal instincts tell us that sex is good and the more the better, and in the presence of a lack of a brain, we will want more of what is being offered, not realizing we are being milked like cows.

And so, today's kids are lazy, fat, stupid, and most of all, slutty. They have no physical and social skills. They spend their time in a world of illusions, which is streamed to them through the TV and the Internet. Someone is making a lot of money and laughing all the way to the bank. So, basically, little has changed: 1) Parents are parents, like they always were 2) Kids want fun and sex. It's the environment. Today, you get instant satisfaction. You don't have to do anything to earn it. You indulge as a parasite and suffer no ill consequences because of it. Not in the short term, at least.

Corrective actions are needed

Parents, if you do not want your kids to end up as complete social misfits, you need to take matters in hand. Since stupidity is so much more pronounced today, you have to make an effort to boost your kid's intelligence. Since laziness is so much more prominent today, you have to make an effort to increase your kid's physical activities.

For every reality show that's on TV, make your kid read a book. For every hour he / she spends in front of a PC, make them run outside, play sports, carry a sack of bricks on their back etc. For every hour they spend in isolation, talking to imaginary friends on the mobile, in a chat or who knows where, make them spend an hour playing with real friends.

Parents, observe the three commandments, and your kids will grow to be OK. Unless you yourself were one of those kids from 70s or 80s that never played with the rest and just sat apart sulking, or you tortured little animals, in which case you are one of those helpless stupid people because of whom this world is suffering so much.

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