Making contact with Lamborghini Aventador

Updated: January 21, 2015

Finding yourself in the vicinity of a hypercar is always a special moment. If you get to sit inside one, and then maybe, turn the ignition on, fighter jet style, even better. But I am getting carried away. No, I am not going to drive a Lambo. Not today. However, art must be appreciated. Hence, article.

As I was strolling the Croatian Riviera, my eyes fell upon a glorious visage. Some lucky guy had just bought himself a barely second-hand black Lamborghini Aventador, definitely the best looking hypercar on the market, with its space-age lines dating all the way back to Countach. They ferried his car in by a truck and gently unloaded it in front of his cafe. Masses flocked to watch. Me too.


Look, what's that?

Aventador, at the touch of your fingertips

This car is absolutely stunning from every angle. You do not need to be a professional photographer to capture its beauty. It's almost too trivial. What's more, the owner was generous enough to let people come around, pose and take pictures in front of his jewel, and he even opened the cockpit and let us sniff the interior, which definitely has a winner's kind of scent.

Front view

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what is the prettiest hypercar of them all?


Can I just say, awesome?


Taste the future.

The more knowing among us asked all the right questions, and the owner gladly replied, with a gentle, smug smirk on his face. He knew all the numbers and figures, and he liked that some of us in the audience knew them, too. He also confessed that he had not yet driven his car, and that he was going to do that later that day. He had purchased the Aventador from its previous owner in the Czech Republic, who had barely lugged it around before deciding to go for a more mellow choice. The Lambo was trucked to the Croatian Riviera to become another exhibit for the locals and the tourists.

Everyone likes Lambo

The rumors are true. Even women and rad little babies LOVE Lamborghini!

I have to admit I would probably be leery of letting so many men, women and children come so close to a hypercar, were I lucky enough to own one, but then, you don't go for a black Aventador to be shy and timid and keep it locked in a dark garage somewhere. It's a showoff car, and it demands attention, so the owner was doing his duty, really.


That exhaust tells you everything you need to know - green what?

At the end of this short but happy spectacle, the owner did as he promised. He powered on the car, the crowd aahed appreciatively, and he slowly, carefully pulled out of the parking in reverse, perched on the ultra-wide sill and looking back over the massive back. Then, he snugged himself into the cabin, closed the 23rd Century door to his beautiful spaceship, and sped away with thunder and silly grins in his wake. Like so many that evening, for a brief moment, I was privy to a sliver of the stunning magic of the Italian hypercar machinery. Something to aspire to. Well, maybe one day. P.S. More awesome stuff coming, including Porsche Spyder 918. Stay tuned.


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