I can't seem to be able to write short articles

Updated: March 3, 2010

It's a fact. All my articles are rather long. My reviews stretch page after endless page of useful information and numerous screenshots. My tutorials are very long and detailed, with every single step written down and explained, awash with real-life examples, images and snippets of code. Similarly, my stories, both in the Life and the Physics section, are also quite lengthy. While their immense, mesmerizing quality is not being disputed, it does not change the fact I seem to spend quite a lot of time behind the keyboard.

What I'm trying to say is, this would be a character flaw, if I had one. People have all sorts of little vices and problems. Mine is that of a pedantic geek who cannot let even one important fact go astray. I'm not a garbage collector, mind, since you do get content filtered down to its essence.

I was thinking what the best of emphasizing this would be. So I've decided on writing an article about me writing articles, which is a sort of a self-feeding recursive retro-reality loop.

In the end, I decided to write a short article, similar to what many people do - write a terse piece without too much useful information. I've deliberately heavily whether to include images and decide to go for one, otherwise I'd be running a dairy and not website. Speaking of blogging for the sake of blogging, quite a few websites sin this particular sin. Articles are too short. You can almost feel the impatience. It's a bread that must be baked, don't mind the yeast.

So here you go, a random image to infuse some color into the article.


And I'm spent. You've had your first short Dedoimedo article, which still delivers a cunning punch. Don't hate me just yet. Spend a few minutes and try to understand what I was trying to say/prove with this article. A social reprimand? Satire? A bored moment? Looking for some extra clicks?