The Betrayed book sample chapters poll

Updated: January 2, 2012

Dear readers, I need some help/opinion from you again. If you recall, a few months back, I asked you to assist me in choosing the pen name for my book. Your valuable input swayed my mind, and I'm grateful for your votes. Now, there's another dilemma I'd like to solve with the democracy ballot.

I'm going to publish three sample chapters for free, so that you can decide whether the book might be of any interest to you. Oh, by the way, the book website will be up and running soon. Yes, the book itself is almost ready for print. And I have another surprise up the sleeve, but I cannot disclose it yet. Back on topic, I need to know what kind of chapters you'd like to see. There's the traditional school of first chapters and the radical sect of random pages. Either one works, but what do you prefer?

If you could help me answer this poll, it should help me make my mind. My indecision mostly revolves around two possible options. Should I publish chapter one orĀ go with one later in the book? The first chapter should help you familiarize with the book, but then, in some cases, the pace might be too slow. Moreover, in books with multiple lead characters, such a chapter only exposes a small segment of the story. On the other hand, starting with higher-numbered chapters introduces a backlog of unknown, which could confuse and deter readers. There's no right or wrong, only personal preference really. I've seen both choices work well. Finally, sample chapters are all about the author's style, less about the story itself. With all these concepts in mind, please do some clicking.

What sample chapters do you prefer?

Disclaimer: A bit of legalese, should you provide an alternative poll answer, I may use your suggestion for the book. But please note that you waive any intellectual property or royalty rights. However, if I choose your recommendation, you will be acknowledged for that.

That's it for now. The book is coming soon. Honest. The fact it was not published in time for the holidays is mostly my insistence on making everything perfect, including every little detail in the interior, cover and whatnot. But then, you know me. And I promise another, rather pleasant surprise, mark my word. Very soon.

If you have any other ideas or questions, you can mail me.

Thank you for your help.


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