Destroyer ship, new awesome realistic rendering!

Updated: April 11, 2013

You should also check the first gallery.

My destroyer-battleship model was the first project I created in Google SketchUp, some six years or so ago. Then, I posted it as my first gallery in the 3D art session, and it has remained there since, lovely but not as good as it could be. Until I discovered the black magic of Kerkythea. Then, it became really interesting.

Still, even so, my first attempts at photorealistic rendering were only okay, but not stellar, as mostly evident in the gallery above. Which is why we are having this new one, with fresh images of the ship, rendering with such awesome quality you will crap your pants. Honestly. Just for the fun of it, scroll down quickly and briefly linger over some of the more awesome pictures. You see, I told you. Good fun. Therefore, with utmost pleasure, I present the second generation of my DD 71 creation, and it's absolutely great.



Some of the post-processing was done in GIMP. For example, I used the software to create the ship's wake in some of the images, as well as the gun blast effect. I did use authentic images of US Navy vessels for comparison, in order to get the fire plumes and the waves and froth just right. Not an easy task.

Moreover, I created some of the ship hull windows as light sources in Kerkythea, which gives them an extra realism flair in the twilight and night shots, as it should be. Nothing too fancy, just a solid dose of great that adds to the overall impression.

ISO view, foggy

Firing guns

So here we are, a handful of screenshots. First, the one without those large-caliber cannon blasting. And then, with some extra contrast and just a tad of cartoonish effects. The expanding flames comes from a real broadside by USS Missouri, so you can't fault me there. Notice the ripple effect of air pressure on the water surface.

Gun view, foggy

Firing guns

Firing guns, cartoon effect

Rear deck

Here's the little chopper on the aft helipad:


Beautiful waterline shots

Some drama - calm water, clouds, whatnot:

Waterline 1

Waterline 2

Here's a great one, at sunset:

Waterline, sunset

Night shot, with lights on:

Night shot

And an old-style one, done with Diana Holga filter, in order to resemble WWII photos:

Old style image

Arctic circle cruise

Sort of, but you do get a cold feeling, don't you:

Arctic style shot

And the other side, stormy. Do not think the blue stripe near the horizon line is an artifact of rendering. It is not. I have carefully explored this topic, and hot-cold water currents can create such an effect, which makes it all the more awesome.


Ultra dramatic

Here's one that looks like that Cold War era footage of enemy ships captured from passing helicopters:


With some additional filters:

Realistic, filters

Ship's wake

Probably the best shot of all:

Ship in motion, wake

Walke, with filters

And to counter it, the same image, with calm water, at sunset:


We're done. That was truly awesome, you must admit. Admit it! Confess!

I've got many more, wallpaper-size and ready. Let me know if you want them!


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