New awesome renders of my Hovercraft project!

Updated: May 3, 2013

Recently, I have begun re-rendering most of my 3D projects in Kerkythea, infusing them with new life, color and realism, as well as adding beautiful finishing touches in GIMP, all of which amount to you wanting me to be the father of your unborn children, or if you're a man, then just a friend.

We've already seen the Mechwarrior in action, twice, and then the Destroyer ship, and it's such a transformation, I actually bought myself a present as a token of my appreciation for myself. Now, we will do the Hovercraft project, which was quite nice to begin with, but you have seen nothing yet. Done using Kerkythea Echo Boost, so you even get shorter render times. Splendid. After me.


What I did was a lot really. I rescaled the model, and then applied realistic scratched metal textures to make it look battered and weather-worn, which is what you'd expect from a hovercraft dashing across cold, salty seas, with wind and whatnot chipping its enamel off. Add in some nice water plus sky, and you get a lovely product.

Side view, front

Rear view

And a handful of images showing the model from the side quarters, left and right, with different metal textures, sea and sky materials used, each adding its own element of snazz and realism and whatnot. I do admit side views are always less interesting, but what is seen cannot be unseen. I did experiment with rust, rescue buoys in various colors, and weapon turrets made more or less shiny, so it ought to be interesting.

Left side

Left side, another shot

Right side

I also very much liked making night shots, with the deck lighting turned on. Adds a whole new level of realism to the model. Do notice the splendid pale yellow reflections off the rusty deck and weapon turrets. You truly wish you were genetically or financially related to me right now.

Deck lit

Night view, side

Flight deck, lamps turned on

And this is the best shot of all - the hovercraft IS in motion. It took me almost an hour making the right changes in GIMP. I had to add spray all over, and then make the rotors turn, blurring the rear view behind them. On top of that, I used the National Geographic filter to make it all the more dramatic. Oh, do notice the dog skull imprint on the bridge structure. Damn.

In motion

In motion, with filters

There you go. I promised awesomeness, and I delivered. I have a plenty more screenshots of this model, from various angles, so if you fancy them, don't be a stranger, ping me. Well that would be. More goodness coming soon, stay tuned, chaps!


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