Ribbons of steel

Updated: December 17, 2014

Just to be on the safe side, I want to emphasize that this interior design article, like all other interior design articles featured on Dedoimedo, was written by my wife. I mentioned this in her glass piece, too. This way we can avoid, although not necessarily so, funny hate mail and whatnot. The point is, SketchUp, Kerkythea, 3D renders, and such. Now, her words, below.

This one was inspired during a dinner with friends. They have the most amazing dining set of table and chairs, all natural, hand carved pine. The chairs, in particular, were extremely comfortable for, let's face it, a block of wood. And even though the chairs were modern in style, the table itself looked very traditional. It was then I had the idea of combining warped metal with the natural wood for a more modern effect.


Using Google SketchUp, I built a modelĀ of a table, a chair and two side tables to demonstrate the various possibilities of incorporating the wavy steel ribbon design.

Table 10

Table 11

The undulation in the steel is different from one ribbon to the next.

Table 4

I played with the texture of the wood and the backdrop a little.

Table 1

Table 3

Table 6

Table 8

At this point, I decided to have some real fun with the materials.

Table 12

Table 16

Table 14

Details 1 Details 2

Details 3

Lastly, I went crazy with a reflective black plastic for the table material. Nice!

Table 17


This design is only the beginning of what can be done with the idea of introducing metal into wooden furniture. It doesn't have to result in a cold and lifeless piece, but rather something modern, interesting and inviting. See you around for the next model.


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