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Updated: July 16, 2012

Once again, you will probably not believe me when I say this: but I has a real friend. Not just another nameless borg on the endless list of failures on failbook, but a genuine flesh and blood person who I happen to share with some mutual interests. One of these lovely and meaningful interests is Kerkythea. So the man draws models and then renders them. And I happen to have this immensely awesome website. One plus one, here's the first guest appearance of a 3D artist hither. Perhaps the first guest appearance ever. EVAR. Yeah!

So my man Mr. D sent me some pictures and a few short paragraphs of text, which I'm going to post here. One of the things that should intrigue you is the unique artistic style. Normally, I strive for messy, asymmetric designs. His approach is, well, different. I hope you will like his work. And if not, tough luck. Anyhow, please follow me.



Before we begin, here's his text:

Inspiration for this design came from numerous sources like the Stargate series, Wild Wild West and Terminator II movies. I was looking to get a combination of smoothness, simplicity and reducing number of small detailed elements, while maintaining the complexity of the overall model.

Basic modeling and component design were done in Google SketchUp and rendering and material implementation were completed as a final stage in Kerkythea. Reflections and light play are the key factors when I model something, so in this case I found that aluminum finish with splashes of dark, semi-transparent glass were the best combination to get the most desired effect I was looking for. With the overall rendering time of less than two hours per image, I think that final result is quite nice.

And now the images:

Front low view

Side low view



Reflections and whatnot:

Mirrored reflection, top left iso

Top view, serene yet lethal:

Top view

Trying to catch the prey:


And finally, a poster-like thingie:


That would be all.


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