Steampunk crossbow and pistol design

Updated: January 3, 2015

One day, I just woke up and decided to try to sketch a crossbow. And a pistol. And make them into one wicked device. Victorian Age style thingie. Van Helsing, too. So, I ended up with the 3D model and gallery that you're just about to check. My latest invention is a combined crossbow and revolver pistol inspired by the repeating weapon used by the legendary monster hunter in the name sake movie, as well as genuine 15th century German matchlock revolvers. Should be interested.

As always, I did the early design in SketchUp, then exported the model to Kerkythea, applied some texture, and made it all very realistic. I tried my best, and I honestly believe this is my most complete and handsome model yet, especially because it has a lot of curves and bulges and non-linear shapes. Then, it's also resting on the ground, and it comes with its crossbow bolts. Really dramatic. Follow me.


There are a whole bunch of interesting features in this crossbow pistol design. The stock is quite complex, and it comes with metal and wood elements plus rivets. Then, there's the pistol grip, complete with little wires and whatnot to make an awesome trigger mechanism. Next, you get the crossbow winch and the lovely bronzed cogs.

An eight-shot revolver drum dominates the bulk of the weapon, and it is nicely offset by the large, clawed metal crossbow arms, which come with little levers and springs and all the other cool bits and pieces that make shafts of metal fly. Last but not the least, the simple iron sights add massive credit to the realism of the whole design. Now, I am praising myself, which is silly, but that's how it works.

Crossbow revolver

The heavy gun is used to fire shot. The crossbow is cranked with that beautiful hand winch on the right side, and when you do that, the little wheels rattles and turn. Large armor-piercing bolts go into the groove above the gun barrel, and there's a handy wooden grip just below, to allow for a steady aim. The revolver drum is turned when the trigger is depressed, hence the wires and all that. Oh, you must like the little loop at the bottom of the grip.

On blue background 1

On blue background 2

The model has five distinct metal alloys included, all slightly worn from use, except the critical pieces, which are made from cast steel and such. The claw and spike decorations on the crossbow arms look pretty and menacing, and they can double for self defense, in case the owner runs out of ammunition, wood or lead.

Final looks 1

Final looks 2

On a parquet floor:

Final looks 3

Final looks 4

What a lovely angle. And the gunpowder and shot drum. Neat, eh?

Final looks 5

A bit more drama:

Final looks 6Final looks 7

Against a wall:

Against a wall

More details and whatnot:

Left side, zoomed

Right side, zoomed

Ammunition drum

Cool ammo drum

And the best and final image:

Dramatic look

There you go, the steampunk crossbow slash revolver pistol model. I really invested a lot of time in this fairly simple design. But I guess it shows. Approx. 25 hours went in just the SketchUp part, each piece an individual component. Then, proper real-life sizing to the last millimeter. And finally, an extra 10-15 hours rendering, making the tiniest adjustment so it looks dandy and perfect. Well, I'm quite pleased. I hope you are, too.