This thing is coming soon

Updated: March 22, 2013

Normally, I have around 30-40 articles already written and waiting in the publishing queue. This means that, on average, any given article on Dedoimedo gets uploaded approx. two months after being created, excluding items like distro reviews or news, which get a certain priority. With a 3D gallery, there ought to be no rush, but I could not help myself, I had to release this.

As it turns out, I'm baking a whole range of realistic galleries, and forget all the amateur stuff I did in the past, this is the real deal. I'm basing my project on ArmA II, and the end result will be something like the awesome teaser images that I decided to share here. So please, take a look. You will not be disappointed.

Mini gallery

Remember, this does not come from any game, real life or anything. I made this from scratch, every little detail. We have a ruined urban setting, my rather humble Kill Mobil model, and a whole bunch of realistic materials and effects. Yes, ladies and gents and everyone else, it's a combination of SketchUp, Kerkthea and GIMP in one almighty package. Just a preview. Just a preview.

Urban teaser 1

Uncle Sam wants YOU

If you want to send me feedback, or share this, I more than welcome the opportunity and the exposure. For the time being, you might also want to take a look at the whole 3D gallery thingie. Once again, if you think, this deserves some praise, don't be strangers, share and love.


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