Installing (K)ubuntu Linux - Part 3

Completing installation

The installer will warn you about the changes you plan to do. Although "you can lost data!" sounds funny, you definitely get the message. You should be aware that writing to an active (mounted) partition will probably cause the system to crash and will result in the loss of data. You should not worry though; when booting from CD, the hard disk partitions, if they exist, are dormant.

All your changes will be recoverable until you start the installation in the sixth step of the install procedure. You will have some time and chance to revert your changes. To proceed, click Yes.

Kubuntu qtparted warning about commiting changes

Once qtparted finishes committing the changes, click OK to continue.

Kubuntu qtparted operations completed

Now, you will be asked to mount the partitions. Under Mount Point, select the type for each partition. Under Partition, assign the relevant partitioned space to each mount point. Indeed, earlier, we made three partitions, swap, root and home, which were labeled by the system as hda1, hda2 and hda3. Bear in mind these selections when preparing the mount points.

Reformat means the partitions will be formated, using the file system you chose earlier (linux-swap, ext3). Once you are satisfied with your choices, click Continue >.

Kubuntu prepare mount points

You will be asked now to confirm your choices. After this step, the system will start to install and you will not be able to go back, so double-check your selections. When ready, click Install.

Kubuntu ready to install

The system will start to install. There is no more need for further input from you until the installation is finished. Lean back and relax. Depending on your system performance, this should take about 5-20 minutes. In my case, the installation was complete within just about 5 minutes. The DVD installation will probably take longer.

Kubuntu installing 1

Kubuntu installing 2

Kubuntu installing 3

Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to reboot. Alternatively, you may continue using the live CD. We will restart and boot from the hard disk.

Kubuntu installation complete

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