Installing SUSE Linux - Part 3

Complete installation & copy files

You will be asked once again to confirm that all of the selections you have made are correct and that you want to proceed with the install. Click Install to begin the installation.

SUSE confirm installation

The installation with start with the formatting of the partitions.

SUSE preparing hard disks

Next, the package installation will begin. Depending on the computing power of your PC, this may take 10-40 minutes. On a PC with a 64-bit processor and 2GB RAM, this stage of a 64-bit SUSE installation took only about 10 minutes.

SUSE package installation

If you are interested, click the Details tab to see how the installation progresses.

SUSE package installation details

After some time, the basic installation will complete.

SUSE finishing basic installation

Once the package installation is finished, the system will reboot (the one time during the entire procedure).

SUSE reboot

The GRUB boot menu will load and present you will boot options. At this stage, we want to boot the first option - SUSE Linux 10.1. Either highlight your choice (using arrow keys) and press Enter or wait for the default counter (8 seconds) to time out.

If you had Windows installed alongside SUSE (or vice versa), you would see Windows as one of the options in the list. Generally, the boot loader will place SUSE topmost and Windows below it.

SUSE boot options

The operating system will load. For some time, you will see a screen filled with textual input - also called verbose mode. Do not be alarmed. Let the system boot up to the next stage of the installation.

SUSE verbose


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