Ubuntu 13.10 essentials: Skype setup

Updated: November 16, 2013

For a while now, the Skype configuration on Ubuntu has been fairly easy, barring occasional hiccups with incompatible versions of shared libraries now and then. Indeed, I have elaborated most profusely on this in my Ringtail tutorial.

That was before Skype 4.2 was officially released for Linux. This time around, with Salamander now available, things are ever so slightly different, which is why we have this guide. Please follow me. It's going to be rather trivial, but you still might want to pay attention to avoid wasting time.

Skype running

Skype installation & additional software sources

In order to see Skype in the available packages, you will need to enable several additional software sources. Open the Ubuntu Software Center. Click Edit > Software Sources. Click on the second tab that reads Other Software. Make sure Canonical Parters and Independent checkboxes are marked.

Software sources

Refresh the package indexes. This is done automatically by the USC, but if you don't wish to wait, you can do it manually from the command line with sudo apt-get update. Then, search for Skype in the USC. You will notice it's not there. You will also notice that the software returns payware results first. Naughty.

Skype not available

But if you check from the command line with apt-cache search skype, it is:

Skype available on the command line

Never mind, just run the installation next.

sudo apt-get install skype

If you're running a 64-bit system, like I do, wait a few minutes until all the missing 32-bit packages are installed. Accept the license agreement, and your Skype instance should load fine, without any manual hacks needed.

Skype running


Like I said, it was going to be fairly easy. But now you're the masters of Linux, and nothing can daunt you any more. On a serious note, there's nothing magical to Skype on Salamander, you just have to make sure to find it the right way, which seems to be the command line this time. But you ought not experience any problems with the application loading, and you will not need to hack anything. There you go. Done.


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