Games resurrected using DOSBox - Part 3

Updated: August 21, 2010

It's been a long while since I wrote parts one and two, so I decided to freshen up the collection a bit and add several more titles to the list of successfully tested and played games using DOSBox. Of course, you can find a more bigger, more complete database on the official website, but some personal touch and a short review do not hurt.

Well, let's take a look at a few more games. If you've never used DOS or played this, your curiosity will probably not peak the critical level. But if there's an emotional attachment that goes beyond simple computing power, you will definitely like to know some of your old, treasured goodies still work great.

Here we go:

Alone in the Dark 2

Alone in the Dark 2Genre: Horror Action/Puzzle
Compatibility with DOSBox: Good

Alone in the Dark 2 was a very scary game back then. And it's still fun to play, with some simple yet morbid elements that transcend the basic graphics of the DOS era. There is something quite disturbing in the game setting, executed to the level that makes me think what the hell I was doing, playing this back then.

For me, this is the ultimate horror puzzle game with blood-chilling cut scenes and some gutsy combat.


CarmageddonGenre: Racing
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

While most racing games teach you to keep you car and that of your rival in a good shape, Carmageddon teaches you the exact opposite. Based on a cheesy retro-futuristic movie from early 70s, the game is about racing and killing. You drive a car with a goal of running over pedestrians and ruining the other cars. If you can manage to do that with style, all the better, some extra bonus points for you.

Carmageddon is awesome, simple, linear fun when you're too tried to think or do anything productive.

Leisure Suite Larry

Leisure Suit LarryGenre: Quest
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

Leisure Suit Larry was a revolution. Even as kids, we were able to appreciate the loser attitude and the innuendo-laced cynicism of the game that make it nothing short of a masterpiece. It's a game that embodies Woody Allen's traits, the good ones. A man on an ultimate quest to conquer the better sex, all of it.

Larry is funny, witty, intelligent game that remains unrivaled today. I will be writing a full review soon, including possibly some of the juicer, more fleshy sequels.

Panzer General

Panzer GeneralGenre: Strategy
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

Panzer General is a little known but still immensely popular, unique strategy game where you command the entire order of battle of either Allied or Axis forces and then pitch them against the foe in one of many legendary WWII battles. The action is turn based and takes place on a hex map.

The game requires a smart use of forces at hand, combining the power of arms for best effect and knowing when to retreat against overwhelming odds. Panzer General also rewards blitz tactics. It's really brilliant. I still play it often.

Test Drive 2

Test Drive 2Genre: Racing
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

After playing a handful of modern racing simulators, Test Drive 2 may seem old and outdated. But I remember driving Lotus Esprite and the original Porsche 911 Carrera 2 and feeling my heart drum as I shifted into the fourth gear. On modern computers, controlling the car is easy, but back then, it was a dire task of skills and reflexes.

Test Drive 2 will only mean anything to those who have played it before. Every now and then, you should power it and see how it feels. The basic essence remains.

Test Drive 3

Test Drive 3Genre: Racing
Compatibility with DOSBox: Great

Test Drive 3 was unto Test Drive 2 what color TV was unto radio. It was a blast from another dimension. You had the music and the scenic drive down Yosemite road. Priceless.

Test Drive 3 was fairly easy to drive, but you could pimp up the difficulty level and then your car would break at the slightest hitch or a mistake on your end. I remember the shattering effect of the windshield was spectacular.

Test Drive 3 is still a lovely game. Simple and fun.

Well that would be all, no grand conclusion. I'll be writing these small compilations of nostalgia every once in a while. I still have a very big collection of DOS games that I keep dearly and safely stored and backed up in several locations, including the original game saves. See you around.


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