Mediocrity Test - Find out who you are

Updated: September 29, 2008

This test is intended to help you properly gauge your place in society. Ever wondered what you, who you are? Ever asked yourself crucial, life-deciding questions that you had no answers to? Ever wanted to know how you relate to your family, your neighbors, your friends? Take this test and find out.

Mediocrity Test, a.k.a. Brick or Treat - upon completion, you'll know whether to hit yourself over the head or treat yourself to something nice - has been designed by famous Dr. von Kachesprecher, a renown guru on pseudo-psychology, to help insecure couples all over the world accurately estimate their worth in this global village we live in. After all, we all want to feel unique and special, as if our existence actually means something, don't we? For more of Dr. Kackensprecher's precious jewels, please check out the special section Dr. von Kackensprecher gives advice!

Mediocrity Test


The test is intended for married couples. Although bachelors and bachelerottes can also take it, as a preparation for their future life. There are 10 questions with multiple answers. Select the radio button with the most appropriate option that defines you.


Don't come a-knockin' with complaints if you don't like the results. I ain't responsible.


Take the test!

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