The Broken contest results

Updated: June 28, 2013

Hello there. As you recall, there's been a limerick contest running on Dedoimedo for the past month. You were supposed to mail in your limerick attempts. In return, if your entry was selected as one of the ten winning submissions, you would get a signed copy of The Broken sent to you by mail. Moreover, once you write an honest review, which you must as part of the contest, you will also be automatically added to yet another contest, my Ubuntu smartphone thingie, with a chance to win yourself a nice gadget by the end of the year.

Anyhow, the contest is over. Overall, thirteen people pledged their soul, so you're most likely going to see your name here. I will be sending the books in the coming days, so you should probably receive them in the next two or three weeks. Now, let's see who the winners are. In no particular order.

1. Kamal - Not quite a typical limerick but I liked it.

Meerkat Meerkat, I remember you so well,
And not just from ads, of the car insurance you sell,
You made your daddy, oh so proud,
Then came more releases
And Dedoimedo was wowed.

These heady days, could not last,
Nvidia drivers, were not up to task,
A new distro appeared, that they called ringtail
But perhaps what they should have called it,

2. Piotr - Keeping up with the British tradition.

There was a woman from China
Who had enormous
When she met the man from Brazil
The only thing left was to peel
To see whose equipment was finer

3. Abelkader - Nice and to the point.

A limerick contest was offered by Igor,
Bragging, 'This is mine!' I swore,
I took my pen but got stuck,
Writing a limerick was no easy pluck,
Hope The Broken will not be gone encore.

4. Ananthakrishnan - Cheesy but good.

In a world made of beautiful primes
Here we dwell in Broken times
For to read a book
From cranny to nook
Here lies 5 lines of nonsense rhymes

5. Christophe - Borrowing from the book's theme, aha!

There was a young man called Igor
Who wrote a book about Caytor
Where a man named Ayrton
Started his adventure all alone
Will it be a survivor?

6. Ben - Witty.

I started walking up the stairs
when all of a sudden I noticed some hairs
Not on the guy's head, as you may presume,
But somewhere else - that signaled my doom,
a full view of his family heirlooms.

7. Tom - Sticking with the rules.

There once was a man from Hoboken,
Who wanted a book called The Broken,
He wrote a crap rhyme,
Which left little time,
For getting his lady's legs open.

8. ZnaqxbeuS - Trippy.

In an office a man who was not brainless
was annoyed by a coloured windows quaintness -
so he threw an apple on it - with much power
but he missed -- the good looking apple was sour
first upset he calmed down because a penguin rose up from the Rhine
and this penguin served him some nice and delicate wine
The penguin was wearing a stylish TUX-EEE-DOOH!
and his name was (you guess it!): tee-two-|-meet-you.

9. Deslandes - The plot thickens.

Soon after dawn
My neighbor woke up to mow his lawn
Through open windows, staring North
I reasoned, as he moved back and forth
That such an unreasonable name, for a women, was Shawn

10. Taylor - Are we discussing Perl?

There once was man named steve.
Who ate absolutely nothing but leaves.
He chomped one once.
He chomped one twice.
If they were gone he would grieve.


There we go, the ten merry winners. I would like to thank to all those who participated, and congratulate the winners. It's been fun, just like the last time, no manner how silly. As always, stay tuned for more updates and offers on my books, as you might land your proverbial fingers in a jar full of honey. Or suchlike. On a closing note, we had an international competition once more, and some strong winners from last year too, who invoked their artistic magic for the second time. Kudos. See you around and enjoy the book.


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