Backup your drivers

Updated: September 21, 2009

This article continues the legacy of Fingering your Ubuntu and Bourne Identity on Linux.

If you're a rich guy, you probably have a posh car. And most likely, you're not driving it yourself. You have a chauffeur - or in plebeian, a driver - doing the hard work for you.


Not only does this guy lug you about, he also has to listen to your boring phone calls, pretend to ignore the parties you entertain in the back of your luxurious limo and wax and polish the car sometimes. He's a loyal guy, your driver.

Every now and then, your man might get into a dispute / quarrel with another fellow driver. There might come a moment when bickering shall surpass mere verbal insults and precipitate into a brawl.

And here's the crucial part: when your driver pulls over for a fistfight with a stranger, do not hide behind the tinted doors, ignoring the soft thuds of a crowbar on flesh or the scrape of shoe soles on the forehead. Get out there and help him!

Provide backup to your driver!

Backup your driver!

Here's how you do it:

Brawl 1

And then:

Brawl 4

Oh, if you were wondering what this article has to do with computers ... well, nothing, except the omni-humorous pun in the title. And if you really must have a binary moment, then please read this article: Double Driver - backup all your drivers in 2 seconds.


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