Quick, fake fog in Kerkythea - tutorial

Updated: December 16, 2013

Creating fog in Kerkythea is a tricky deal. The chief reason is, the render times are absolutely horrendous. You will melt the thermal paste off your CPU before you manage to produce a few high-quality images showing that lovely fog effect. All right, so what do you do?

I will show you a few very simple, alternative trick to getting a fog-like effect in Kerkythea, at the expense of only a tiny bit longer render times and some post-processing of images in a program like GIMP. This tutorial should help you achieve decent fog, and you might also discover a new form of art in the process. Let us commence.


What you want

You are probably looking for something like this:

Sample fog

However, the basic image looks like this:

Original, no fog

Solution - Depth Render

Sure, you can achieve the fog effect using GIMP layers and masks manually, but there's a more accurate method. In Kerkythea, under the Render settings, choose the option called Depth Render. This will create a black & white depth mask of your image.

Depth Render

The image will be produced in seconds, so you really do not waste any rendering time. For better results, you might also want to create a higher resolution depth render than your original image, so you get a more fine-grained match in the post-processing step.


Post processing

Next, open the two images in GIMP. Use one as the basic layer and the other as an overlay or screen layer with opacity of about 50-60%, depending on what you're trying to achieve. If you want more fog, you might use the fog layer as the first one and the color image as the mask. Or vice versa. From here on, Bob's your uncle.


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There you go, a quick and simple tutorial to a quick and simple effect. The beauty about this method is that it saves an enormous amount of time while offering reasonably decent results. And you get a free dose of GIMP, as a topping for your knowledge cake. I guess that should be all for this time.