Awesome realism in Bohemia Interactive's ArmA franchise

Updated: May 7, 2014

I am not going to repeat myself talking about how divine the Operation Flashpoint family of games is, including the later titles ArmA 2 and ArmA 3. If you are looking for realistic first person shooters and war simulators, look no further. In fact, look nowhere else, because no other product comes close. Remotely close, if you will.

The realism comes to bear in many aspects, including the unforgiving play, the necessity to cooperate with your team mates, the extremely elaborate combined arms operations, and finally, the way all this is portrayed, without any pretentious needs for a Nitrogen-cooled triple graphics card array. To wit, I've compiled a beautiful gallery of game action moments, ran them through a sweet bunch of excellent GIMP filters and effects, and produced some authentic war footage. No idle boasting. You check - Borat voice.


Gallery d'Realism

Here we go, the best of the best from ArmA 2 and ArmA 3:

A bunch of light fighters lining up on the taxi exit. It looks better in B&W, but it's cheating.

Airplanes, taxiing

Airplanes, taxiing, b&w

Artillery, all kinds of fun:

Artillery shooting

More cannonade

And this is what happens, one of the best admit it:

Explosion after artillery strike

This, too:

House, artillery

A village fight:

Village fight

This is Bravo Two Zero:

Gravo Two Zero

And this one is Saving Private Ryan, or Jozhek:

Saving Private Ryan Jozek

Forest hiking:

LAV-25 in a forest

Nice realistic town:

Realistic looking town

View from the Apache gun camera:

Night combat, Apache gun camera

Offroad, like champs:


Combat! Street fightin' and whatnot.

Burning APC

Tank battle

And more tanks:

Tank combat

Merkava tank

Infantry combat:

Infantry combat

Night combat


Night raids:

Night raid

Night raid, more

And the best of them, THE raid:


Delta force en route:

Delta force

And more best for the last, a helo dogfight:

Helicopters dogfighting

Helicopters fighting, b&w

And just for fun, here's my own urban warfare 3D model:

Urban warfare


So there you go. You have to admit this is a nice article: a) so few words, so everyone can enjoy and relate the art presented here b) the footage is quite good and almost real-life looking, and in some cases, very much so. This is yet another testimony to how great the ArmA franchise really is, made by Bohemia Interactive, plus it highlights my awesome skills with the brush. And we're done. See you soon.


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