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Updated: March 7, 2015

You all know I simply love the ArmA franchise. It all started with Operation Flashpoint, the most legendary first person shooter ever conceived by human race. By a twist of ultra-uber-super serious Soviet-inspired Czech no-Hollywood-nonsense magic, Bohemia Interactive makes computer games that are simply nine orders of magnitude above all and everything else. Beware, though. Once you've played one of Bohemia's splendid titles, you will never, ever be able to even remotely enjoy silly arcades, for as long as you're alive.

I've written many articles and reviews of the ArmA family games, and you are most welcome to take a look at all of them. But that's not the reason why we are here. The reason is, Andrew Gluck, also known as Dslyecxi, a former US marine who has compiled the most thorough tactical guides on ArmA. He may yet discover that I have decided to dedicate an entire article to his work, and indeed, let's explore the finest piece of the ArmA bible out there.


The Art of Serious Fun

This is the name of Andrew's personal portal. His site is almost entirely dedicated to playing ArmA on a fanatical level, together with his ShackTac clan, a group of serious adults (18 and above, thank you). Their hard work is portrayed in hundreds of high-quality videos, and the action revolves entirely around the ArmA games. As I've told you many times before, no other combat simulator comes even remotely close, and you will only fully understand and appreciate this if you have been a member of armed forces and witnessed combat. So, if you wonder what kind of sweet masochism these guys practice, then it's ArmA, tuned up to the max. Even the regular gameplay isn't challenging enough for them, so they use special, difficulty-enhancing mods. I can only salute their devotion and zeal.

Gravo Two Zero

But if you're not into staring at hundreds of hours of HD footage depicting combat, which is, frankly, boring and uneventful, well, because reality, then you will definitely appreciate the literary work that Dslyecxi has invested in his tactical guides. We're talking hundreds of thousands of words. Just to describe game action. That's pretty amazing.

Saving Private Ryan Jozek

Burning APC

Just for fun, please take a look at his ArmA 3 and ArmA 2 guides. These have been officially endorsed by the Bohemia Interactive developers, and you can find the guides, or rather, books, also available on the official franchise site. Sure, for most people, the sheer amount of effort, logistics, learning and relearning, as well as monetary investment in hardware and accessories is beyond reach, both mental, physical and fiscal, but it shows the sheer limit of where you can go with these magical games, if you have courage. Really, hats off.

Night raid, more

More reading

Some extra fun stuff for you, should you care:

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100-man cooperative raid in ArmA 2 (PCGamer on Dslyecxi)

DayZ mod + some BennyZ silly action on Youtube

DayZ narrated Honey Badger style, also on Youtube

ArmA Sabre Dance, sorry, I could not resist


I don't really know if there's a need to conclude this little article slash free promo. But conclude I shall. One, the ArmA franchise kicks ass. There's no other way to put it. Simply awesome. It differentiates man from boy, and it leaves behind all competition in a puddle of tears, shame and total, utter napalm destruction. Two, if you are brave enough to partake in the wondrous journey, you can look at Dslyecxi and his work for inspiration.

There. The most comprehensive, useful guide to playing Bohemia Interactive games, all compiled and written by a real soldier. Really lovely. And the best part? Well, you will not feel intimidating thinking of those hundreds of thousands of words. On the contrary. They complement the games superbly, and actually infuse you with a fresh dose of vigor and desire to step into combat and prove yourself, slowly, carefully, never once bunnyhopping. Nope. I hope you like this fanboy essay. And if not, it's the same like Youtube video likes. Who cares. I know I had fun, and that's the best part. I can only hope you will also be able to enjoy this brutal, unforgiving and wonderful world called ArmA the same way I do. See you. Ba-ba-ba-bam.


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