Stupid stuff what I encountered

Updated: November 22, 2014

After reading my Funny stuff what I encountered article, you must probably be craving NOT for more stuff of the same high caliber. Indeed, it is time for something resembling a sequel. Less software more interesting things from all aspects of life, hence this section.

Let us then take a look at some of the randomly silly and yet curiously humorous and ever so gently cretinous ideas and concepts that came about in the past few years. Not quite the stellar candidates for my Greatest sites section, but good enough to merit a handful of paragraphs here. To wit.


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Fake Name Generator

This site lets you create fake online identities in seconds. As simple as that. True, in order to avoid all kinds of lawsuits and whatnot, the owners clearly state the idea of their portal is to help drive statistics-based analysis for all kinds of demographic studies and whatnot, but the simple thing is, if you're struggling with your new date site profile, or a new forum profile, or you feel like you could contribute to the Internet with your wit and wisdom, then maybe, you could start with this site. It might help you chisel out your new Web identity like a pro.

Fake Name Generator

Insult Generator

Here's another gem. Insult Generator, part of The Insult Project, lets you generate beautiful insults and curses with a single click of the button. And there was much rejoicing. The comments are also quite stellar. Many thanks to all those who recommended this site. It can't quite qualify for the Greatest sites list, but it sure is a great candidate for this article. Anyhow, start refreshing and having fun. You may yet expand your social skills.

Insult Generator

Decoy sites for morons

Once upon a time, back in 2011, the trollery site The Onion launched a decoy page intended to lure morons into pointless debates. The arguments were controversial, hot, full of rage and hate, the kind of stuff you encounter everywhere. Why would you need yet another page where these articles are being discussed, so to speak? Well, in order to keep the rest of the tubes clean and quiet. Chivalrous. Indeed, this was to be the new social media as intended, used by the stupid in its full form, while generating handsome traffic out of the pointless and silly. Recently, the honeypot has ceased its operation, but we must laud its brief and, yes, pointless, existence.

The Onion, Outkube

And some more software blunders

Of course, let's take a look at a few more jolly prompts from our favorite software. We shall begin with the king of logic and verbosity, I can't even. Deadlocked on lock? Surely not. The count, no. This must be an error. Here's the reason why writing in Silverlight should be punishable with a high-voltage shock therapy.

Crazy error

How about Firefox telling you all about mobile when you install it on the desktop. Desperation? What exactly is the user supposed to do with the Google Play download link for the Android version? Is this not funny or what? Maybe not, but that's exactly what makes it funny.


And here's the longest URL in the world - more electricity for Silverlight devs!

Longest URL

And that's enough for today!


I am not quite sure there ought to be a conclusion to this kind of article, but we must, sort of, because all the rest of them happen to have a conclusion, and so this one has to, too. Anyhow, your online wealth has just grown, because you are now familiar with more stupid and funny and pointless stuff out there. This makes you more savvy into the ways of the Internet. You've ascended. You're a pro.

Yes, that's truly enough. Bye, bye. If you have more ideas, send them over!


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