Dedoimedo Ferengi warship retouched - WARP 9

Updated: October 8, 2011

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The title may sound geeky, but then anything with the word Ferengi in it is an automatic cause for a good neighborly beating. However, if you do dig chicks who play Dungeons & Dragons and/or have schematics or posters of the various generations of Star Trek various ships hanging in your living area, be it a small room in your parents cage or a private residence, then you might appreciate this gallery.

It's one of the many new articles in the Dedoimedo realistic rendering renaissance series, which has already featured three articles, including my tank, the robotic BattleMech from the Mechwarrior universe and my twin-hulled aircraft carrier that has drawn quite a bit of attention around the Webs. So please enjoy my latest work with the Ferengi spacecraft, with some extra work in Kerkythea. Should be fun.



Now, this spaceship was the first model rendered in Kerkythea, so you may assume there's little left to see. But then, I tried a few more interesting concepts that I haven't done before. New materials, new textures, better rendering quality, movement and lighting. Wait, what's with those last two?

Indeed, I tried to imbue my model with a sense of hyper-space travel, the kind you see in TV shows and movies when spaceships go beyond the speed of light. The whole of the space kind of bends, and you get runny stars, hence the phrase warp speed. Perhaps. Either way, that was one of the new things I explored. And then there's the self-luminance. In Kerkythea, materials can be made into light sources or to appear as light sources. This sounds like an ideal option for the engines, which always seem to glow in space, sort of plasma blue.

Ferengi spaceship, rear side

In reality, with no light scattering in vacuum, the whole notion of gradual light dissipation, auras and glow are meaningless, but since everyone does that, I tried the same trick. My lovely six-pack engine units are already darn sexy, and with the addition of some extra glow, they add to the would-be realistic feel of the model. I hope you approve of my results. Oh, all of the post-editing was done in GIMP, with some extra filters, like National Geographic, Diana Holga, glow, and others. The star motion effect was achieved with blur.

Side view, right

Engines, glow 1

Engines, glow 2

Engines, glow 3

Engines, glow 4

Now, as you can see, another lovely addition is the hull window illumination. Like the engines, I made the little windows into light emitters, so it appears as if some of the ship's decks and chambers are occupied and used. I left others dark or only partially lit to add to the realistic, asymmetric feel. I think it does add spice.


Top view, always nice, always dramatic:

Top view, dramatic

Top view, green color

Top view, gray

Forward view, notice the forward engine glow.

Forward view

And here's the ship in orbit around moon. Authentic moon photos, with Earth seen in the background:

In orbit

Something rather poster-like:

With Nebula in the background

That was fun, wasn't it? Was it? Yes.


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