Mega gallery of a carrier task group

Updated: June 11, 2014

Time for a big moment. You do know I have made a bunch of models revolving around maritime motifs. Namely, we had our hybrid cruiser-destroyer ship, the very first 3D work I ever put together, and just look at the difference in how it looks with a bit of proper rendering and textures. Then, I created something rather extravagant, a splendid catamaran aircraft carrier.

Next, we had a hovercraft, a big mofo assault ship. Finally, I created a huge triple-hulled submarine that not only carries missiles, but can also launch aircraft from a special hangar. And so the entire fleet is there, but you've never seen it all together, combined into a single task force. Today, that's what happens. Gents, after me.



So we begin. Imagine a fleet anchored at sea somewhere, and all of the sailors on shore duty, maxing the capacity of the local adult entertainment industry. Then, it would probably look something like the shots below, with the very calm sea adding to the overall effect of chaos happening in the nearby brothels. Now, the calm sea of this magnitude, or rather lack thereof, is not typical, but doable, so there you go, don't blame me. That's how it works, and I'm just the nature's hand, drawing what it has to offer. Not.

Fleet, at anchor, calm sea

Fleet at anchor, calm sea, another

And we go realistic here:

Authentic photo

Then, a fly by from another angle:

Front view

Another trick we did with the submarine model:

Photo from a spy plane

Sunset, oh romantic, just you and me and 700,000 horsepower generated by nuclear fission. Plus a couple of stealth planes, courtesy of Adds ambiance, don't you think. Sort of.


Sunset, black & white

A few more shots, and we're done:

Front view

Rear view, evening shot

Side view

Finally, choppy sea:

Choppy sea

I also considered adding movement, like I did in the destroyer and hovercraft galleries, but then, it would be kind of pushing it. No reason to repeat myself. You've seen me make ships' wakes, so something else is needed, right. Anyhow, we're done. You must admit, you liked it. No? Forever alone.


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