Kill Mobil gets a facelift

Updated: June 21, 2013

Time for another great artistic revival. Which would be, take an existing 3D model, like my Kill Mobil thingie, and then make it into something completely different, not by editing the model in any way, but simply by creating a vivid, colorful and realistic render setting, with new materials and lights. Hence, the word, art.

So I've shown you how I did with my Mechwarrior, and we also most majestically improved my Destroyer ship and the Russian-like hovercraft model. This time around, we will see if the Kill Mobil APC-like urban combat vehicle can be pimped up to a new level of posh. As always, we will be using Kerkythea, in its Echo Boost form, and some extra post-processing in GIMP. Right.


Well, I lied. I did slightly edit the model. Namely, I added a small hill for it to perch on, then changed its orientation, so it appears to be resting on a slight incline. To wit, I also adjusted the position of its eight massive wheels, as you would expect to see from a genuine 8x8 vehicle somewhere offroad. Namely, some of the wheels are more or less sprung. The rest is fairly easy. Kerkythea, splendid, weathered metals and rubber for the tires, water, sky, reflection, grass made using the Instancing Brush, and all that.


Some drama:


Front, black & white

And more drama:

Dramatic front shot 1

Dramatic front shot 2

And some less drama, but you get that soggy, beaten grass:


Side view

Rear view

And one with a forest background, not the best but ok:

Forest shot

Now, remember the preview I've shown you several weeks ago? Well, stay tuned. This thing is coming soon, as promised, and we will see Kill Mobil in proper urban action, with the most realistic setting and materials yet.

Coming soon

So that would be all for today. I hope you liked it.


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